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Our company, which has been providing consultancy service on tourism since 1990; With its trained staff, it carries out studies and researches to establish hotels in the right place and in the right concept and to operate them in the most efficient way after they are established.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our company has adopted the principle of providing effective service under the most favorable conditions. Our services are carried out with a realistic and focused approach.
  • Sosyal sorumluluk, sunduğumuz her türlü danışmanlık hizmetimizin temelini oluşturmaktadır.
  • Social responsibility forms the basis of our consultancy services.
  • Our company, which aims at sustainable development in the era of continuous change, offers you services that suit your needs. The founder of our company, Murat Oranlı and all of our employees are also the people who dominate their subjects.
  • As a company, we provide consultancy services for the establishment and commissioning of energy and hotel.

Quality Policy

  • Provide quality service
  • Doing the right thing for the first time
  • Team work, correct information exchange
  • Training of employees in parallel with the developments
  • To comply with the QMS conditions and to develop continuously


Achieving an increase in income with the sales marketing strategies and marketing action plan that will be prepared quickly by our expert team special for each region. With our expert public relations, advertisement and promotion team, you can get to know the hotels to a much wider audience. Thanks to the trainings to be given to the personnel and the service standards that will be prepared in accordance with the business concept, it will become an efficient business with more cash flow and profitability by having a satisfied and recurring guest mass. Our company aims to constantly inform the business owners and to establish a strong relationship by enabling them to participate in monthly meetings, budget evaluation meetings and business development activities.